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Is it possible in wireshark and t-shark to capture only data frame ( in monitor mode) for WIRELESS network?


Want to capture only data frame on wireless network ( avoiding management and control frame )

asked 16 Feb '14, 02:09

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One Answer:


Please try this

tcpdump -ni mon0 'wlan type data'
dumpcap -ni mon0 -f 'wlan type data'

Hint: If your (Unix/Linux/*BSD) system does not support the 'wlan' capture filter, you will need a newer release of libpcap on that system.

See also here (wlan type and subtype):


answered 16 Feb '14, 02:59

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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The same capture filter (wlan type data) can also be used by TShark and Wireshark as a capture filter. (type data by itself would work the same.)

(16 Feb '14, 15:59) Guy Harris ♦♦