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keyboard overtyping


Hi - I have a situation where what I am writing is being "over-written" while I am writing it.

Let me give a quick examples: "Hi guys how are you doing?" as I am writing would be perhaps be changed to: "Hi guts hoe are you doimg?" Typically the changes are single-letter mistypes, so they appear like I am making keyboard errors, but I am not making these errors. The keyboard input is being modified.

At first I thought this was mistypes, but the problem has become very bad & seems like it is either someone using a program to mess with my input or has implemented some type of script to edit my keyboard input. Can anyone assist me to figure out what I need to monitor on wireshark to figure the locational origin of these edits?

asked 18 Feb '14, 15:24

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One Answer:


Whilst this is possibly some form of PEBCAK issue, Wireshark is unlikely to be able to help as your keyboard isn't connected to your PC by a network adaptor that Wireshark can capture network traffic on.

Have you tried another keyboard? Can you get someone else to try your keyboard?

answered 19 Feb '14, 01:45

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