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NetScaler to Pcap


I have a script in order to apply a lot of test about one trace that I give in the argument of script. Today, I have to add the feature of support traces of NetScaler and My script work in libpcap format. So I have tried to convert netscaler trace to libcap format with wireshark because I am know that wireshark support this format but, I have been able to change the format. How Could I change the format of this trace?
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asked 19 Feb '14, 03:38

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AFIAK, you cannot convert a Netscaler format to pcap/pcapng directly with Wireshark/tshark/editcap, at least it did not work in my tests.

tshark -nr nstrace1_test.cap -w output.pcap
tshark: The capture file being read can't be written as a "pcapng" file.

editcap nstrace1_test.cap output.pcap editcap: Can't open or create output.pcap: Files from that network type can't be saved in that format

However, there seems to be a Citrix tool to convert those files.

nsapimgr -s tcpdump=1 -K nstrace1.cap -k output.pcap

Please ask in the Citrix forum for details


answered 19 Feb ‘14, 05:39

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The citrix doc lists commands to covert nstrace files (.cap) to pcap files.

I’ve just used it with a current Netscaler 11.1.

(27 Apr ‘17, 05:02) Uli