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How to identify which sites my internal users are visiting


I want to look through websites and when I find something they shouldn't be looking at I want to find what IP address they are so I can tell them to get off the website. Please help

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asked 24 Feb '14, 06:39

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Kurt Knochner ♦

I have absolutely no clue what you are trying to ask in this thread. You want to find out the IP Address of a certain website??

(24 Feb '14, 07:27) CipherSpec

I want to find what websites are being viewed on my network and then be able to see who was visiting those websites.

(24 Feb '14, 11:32) jbohling

so, you want to know which sites your internal users are visiting?

(24 Feb '14, 11:38) Kurt Knochner ♦

yes, exactly. I know how to see what websites are being visited but I don't know how to see which user is visiting them or what IP address they are.

(24 Feb '14, 12:04) jbohling

One Answer:


make note of the client's IP addresses and filter wireshark for http and https traffic

answered 25 Feb '14, 03:58

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