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Wireshark and openflow


I need to scan openflow packets. I successfully compiled and installed the openflow plugin from sources, anyway on most of packets I get a DISSECTOR_ASSERT_NOT_REACHED on the file proto.c. Those are tcp, icmp and the 90% of packets I scan, just the hellos messages are dissected with no problem.

So I'd like an help..I even heard somewhere that some more recent versions of wireshark already include an openflow dissector. Does it work fine? And what version should I use? Currently I have an 1.8.2 which comes from the default repositories of ubuntu 12.04.

asked 01 Mar '14, 02:39

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2 Answers:


The openflow dissector only exists in the development version.You need to download and build it.

answered 01 Mar '14, 03:54

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Or get the latest nightly build.

answered 01 Mar '14, 12:21

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Not available for the OP's OS, Ubuntu 12.04

(01 Mar '14, 13:33) grahamb ♦