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traces from multiple interface



Using wreshark for windows at multiple interfaces:

  1. Is it possible to show the interfcae the packet was captured from in a column? How?
  2. Capture Intercae naming: Is it possible to show the at OS-level given and self speeking interface names in place of the cryptic and none self speeking driver name?

thx for responses, Steffen

asked 10 Mar '14, 02:26

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One Answer:


1) yes. Add a custom column "frame.interface_id". Easiest way to do this is to select a packet in the packet list, find the line "interface id" in the first collapsed section, and right click on it. Then select "Apply as Column".

2) you can set interface names in the preferences. Go to the "Capture" page, and select the "Edit" Button next to "Interfaces". Use the "Comment" field to set a name that will be shown in the interface list.

answered 10 Mar '14, 02:30

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thx, very nice answers, everything is correct and working

(10 Mar '14, 03:53) Discovery

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