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How to filter http protocol version?



I suspect some snowiness between two of my servers being due to one of them sending some requests in HTTP 1.0 while the other always replies in HTPP 1.1. To confirm it I listened the traffic between both, but now I would like to filter HTTP 1.0 packets to confirm they are one sided and slow.

How do I do that? I tried "http.request.version 1.0" but wireshark don't want it

asked 12 Mar '14, 04:23

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2 Answers:


Try something like

http.request.version == "HTTP/1.0"

You need to tell Wireshark what you're looking for. You were pretty close though :-)

Tip: if you want to filter on something that you can see in a packet, right click on that field and select the popup menu option "Apply as Filter -> Selected". It helps a lot.

answered 12 Mar '14, 04:38

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Try http.request.version == "HTTP/1.0".

You can always work out what the filter should be by right clicking on the field in the Packet Details pane and selecting "Apply as Filter ..." then "Selected".

answered 12 Mar '14, 04:40

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Dup, @Jasper's too quick today.

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Sorry... but almost identical answers, great minds think alike I guess :-)))

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