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How to setup and run tshark on OS X 10.9.2


Hello there, I would like to how to run tshark on OS X 10.9.2. I installed Wireshark 1.10.5 on my OS X. and tried to find tshark command using spotlight. but I can not find it. Could you tell me how to setup it on OS X 10.9.2? Thank you.

asked 15 Mar '14, 10:52

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One Answer:


It should be installed in /usr/local/bin, so running it from the commandline (in a terminal shell) should just work:

tshark -v

If it doesn't, then see if it's not there: ls /usr/local/bin, and if it is there then your PATH environment variable might not have that directory.

If it's not there, and not in some other root bin directory, then you can copy it from the installed application package - it will be in /Applications/ But I think it would be a bug if it weren't installed in /usr/local/bin or some root directory in your PATH, so post back here if it's not.

answered 15 Mar '14, 11:19

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