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Iupc interface PCAP message can not be decoded properly.



I am trying to decode Iupc interface, PCAP messages (Position Calculation Request), but its not showing some field. Was wondering, if any special filter has to be added for the same.

Regards, Saurabh

asked 01 Apr '14, 06:29

saurabhkalra's gravatar image

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Might be a bug or new fields Wireshark can't handle - impossible to say whithout having the .pcap file.

(01 Apr '14, 09:09) Anders ♦

How can i send traces? anywhere i can upload?

Regards, Saurabh

(02 Apr '14, 00:32) saurabhkalra

The best would be to open a bug at

(02 Apr '14, 01:28) Anders ♦

But it seems a configuration issue as one of my colleague with same version of wireshark is able to open and decode the message properly. I can not see some of the parameters.

(02 Apr '14, 01:32) saurabhkalra

dropbox, cloudshark? Have you compared your preferences with your colleagues. Diff the profiles maybe? Do you use the same version? What "paramters" can't you see? Paste a picture?

(02 Apr '14, 01:59) Anders ♦

alt text

alt text

Here I am postiong the pictures. saurabh.jpg is the pic from my computer and WireSharkSnapShot.jpg is pic of my colleague's PC.

Regards, Saurabh

(02 Apr '14, 02:09) saurabhkalra
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One Answer:


This is a "bug" in Wireshark none of you are seeing the extensionValue if you go to preferences->protocols->per and untick show internal PER fields. I think your output will look the same. If you can attach a small trace to a bug report I could verify a fix.

answered 02 Apr '14, 07:35

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Anders ♦
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Thank you, it really solved the issue I am facing... Thanks a lot!!!

(02 Apr '14, 07:39) saurabhkalra

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(02 Apr '14, 08:55) Anders ♦

An even better response would be: "Here's the capture that shows the problem".

(02 Apr '14, 08:58) grahamb ♦

I checked in a potential fix in v1.11.3-rc1-2201-g9410882 you could try a development build once it finishes.

(02 Apr '14, 09:00) Anders ♦