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Wireshark isn’t capturing packets at all


Wireshark isn't capturing packets at all, I select my network and I see it is sending/receiving packets but I cant view them. They arn't "Displayed".

asked 04 Apr '14, 10:54

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Did you enable promiscuous mode or monitor mode? Try again with both disabled.

(05 Apr '14, 04:31) Roland

Monitor mode can't even be enabled on Windows.

Promiscuous mode can, but often causes capture not to work at all on Wi-Fi interfaces; the second image indicates that the capture is being done on a Wi-Fi interface.

So, yes, they should turn off promiscuous mode. That means you will only see traffic going to and from your machine, but, with Wireshark on Windows, that's all you get on a Wi-Fi interface unless you have an AirPcap adapter.

(05 Apr '14, 14:33) Guy Harris ♦♦