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how to analyse Weblogic Tuxedo Connector protocol


i want to know how to use wireshark for analysing asynchronous protocol?

asked 18 Apr '14, 20:22

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Guy Harris ♦♦

Do you mean "asynchronize" or "asynchronous"?

A number of protocols could be described as "asynchronous"; if you meant "asynchronous", which particular protocol do you mean?

(18 Apr '14, 20:26) Guy Harris ♦♦

i made a mistake,it should be asynchronous, i want to analyse wtc protocol. WTC is that weblogic and tuxedo connect.

(18 Apr '14, 20:45) fred

One Answer:


i want to analyse wtc protocol.

There is a BEA Tuxedo dissector in Wireshark (Display filter: tuxedo), however that seems to be a different protocol (BEA Tuxedo ATMI protocol).

So, if that is not what you are looking for (guess so), you should file an enhancement bug at or ask Oracle to provide a dissector for the protocol (which will probably never happen ;-))

BTW: Can you post a sample capture file somewhere (google drive, dropbox,


answered 19 Apr '14, 15:25

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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hi,Kurt first thanks for your answers. i can't post a sample capture,because those informations are very important ,they are protected.If you have interest in the issue, you can install a tuxedo and weblogic, and configure it as wtc communication method. or you could search a deamo in google.

(20 Apr '14, 22:56) fred

well, installing a whole bunch of new products, just to 'have a look' sounds like way too much work for me ;-))

BTW: If you decide to file an enhancement request, you should be prepared to either attach a sample capture file, or at least a link to the WTC protocol specs. Without that information, it's rather unlikely that anybody will take time to implement a protocol dissector. Installing the product and doing protocol reverse engineering 'just for fun' isn't completely impossible, but rather unlikely ;-)

(21 Apr '14, 03:14) Kurt Knochner ♦

we don't have a detailed WTC protocol specs, i search WTC protocol specs in google, but only find some simple informations. I will post some unimportant capture file.Hoping someone can figure out it.

(21 Apr '14, 20:52) fred