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Color rules and expert info in newest build


Just loaded the 1.11.4 build to test it out. Love that it does not require X11, however 2 things seem to not be functioning so far. 1 The expert system does not launch from the bottom left hand corder "LED" button how do you launch it. 2. I don't see anywhere to edit my color rules, my existing ones work from different profiles but I can't see how to edit them or make new ones.

asked 22 Apr '14, 08:00

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I guess those dialogs and functions have not yet been ported to the QT version. Keep in mind that the devs try to improve Wireshark while moving to QT, so it's not just a "simple port". So it will take some time until Wireshark on QT will have all functionality available.

answered 22 Apr '14, 08:04

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