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Installing two separate instances of Wireshark on the same machine


Question: I wonder whether there is a way to have two different version (or the same version) of Wireshark on the same machine.

My problem is that I need to change plugins files every time when I change version of releases of software for which ethereals are captured.

asked 25 Sep '10, 13:47

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3 Answers:


Yes - you can have multiple versions installed on the same machine. When you go through the installation, choose a different directory - for example:

  • install version 1.4.0 in a directory called wireshark140
  • install version 1.2.9 in a directory called wireshark129

Each will have a separate plugin directory under the wireshark folder. I just checked (at least in the Windows version) to see if they pull from different plugin directories and they appear to do so which is good.

answered 25 Sep '10, 14:40

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This should work fine with the following stipulations:

  • You should install into separate directories, as @lchappell points out.
  • Only the most recently installed version will be recognized by the Wireshark uninstaller and Add/Remove Programs.
(25 Sep '10, 16:16) Gerald Combs ♦♦


I usually use the Wireshark Portable Versions to do this, they should work completely self-contained. Of course they still have to go into separate base directories. Installing multiple "normal" versions should still share the configuration settings and profiles, so if you don't want that, go portable. And kicking them off the system is easy too: just delete their installation directory.

answered 26 Sep '10, 03:36

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If it's about differentiating between the personal configurations of your installations (which includes your personal plugins) you can also use the command line parameter -P persconf:<path>. That save you multiple installs.

answered 27 Sep '10, 04:18

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