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Why lose conection, using citrix?


basically lose network connections and I fail to find the problem. Iam using Citrix, VMware and Windows Server i have this capture:

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asked 23 Apr '14, 07:38

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Two comments.


If you want somebody to analyze a capture file for you, you should provide at least the following information

  • client IP
  • server IP
  • protocol used (RDP, Citrix ICA, whatever)
  • a detailed description of the problem. "Basically lose network connections" isn't very helpful
  • the exact time (more or less) when you believe to have seen the problem (client disconnect or whatever).


I don't see any signs for real network problems in the capture file. There are some FCS errors, but none of them resulted in lost network connectivity. So, either you provided the wrong capture file, or you captured something that is unrelated to you network problems. So, please provide the required information (see above) and a new capture file that contains a somehow interrupted connection.


(23 Apr '14, 11:28) Kurt Knochner ♦