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Statistics–>Service Response Time–>Diameter works?



I am using Wireshark version - 1.10.7 and I want find out response time of diameter requests. I have seen that some perl script can be used for that.

But I also see that in wireshark there is an option Statistics-->Service Response Time-->Diameter to get the service response time of the diameter requests along with other protocols.

I want to know if this is really working. As the Wireshark documentation says,

Service response time statistics are currently available for some of the protocols listen in the help.

But when I use this features, I am able to get service response time but not sure if its correct.

Can any one help me out with this please?? Statistics-->Service Response Time-->Diameter is really supported?

Thanks, vidhi.

asked 24 Apr '14, 22:59

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I use this all the time. It's available not only through the GUI, but also through the 'tshark' command line. An entry like this will give you the response time of all the request/answer exchanges, for example. You can adjust the -R display filter if you want to tune it to an application or command type, and you can pipe this to any utility you want to work with the numbers:

tshark -r {capture file} -R 'diameter.flags.request==0' -T fields -e diameter.resp_time

I have eye-balled the response time values of Wireshark version 1.8.6 at least, countless times now for unbelievers and the values have always appeared to be accurate.

answered 26 Apr '14, 17:26

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Thanks a lot Quadratic! it has saved lots of my effort!

(27 Apr '14, 22:48) Vidhi

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(28 Apr '14, 08:12) Kurt Knochner ♦


I did a test with a small diameter capture file and I would say the service response times are reasonable. So, to me it looks like the diameter srt stats are working properly.


answered 26 Apr '14, 12:11

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Thank you very much for your reapose Kurt Knochner!

(27 Apr '14, 22:48) Vidhi