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calculate response time for every call in diameter


Hi All,

I want to calculate response time of each diameter call ( response time of each CCR--> CCA pair ).

Can anybody suggest how can I achieve this?

Thanks, Vidhi.

asked 28 Apr '14, 00:05

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One Answer:


Wireshark already calculates the response times (at least in modern versions) so it really depends on what you want to do with the information. For example, you could use tshark to list all the response times by themselves like this:

tshark -n -T fields -e diameter.resp_time -Y diameter.resp_time -r /path/to/file.pcapng

(The "-Y" bit tells tshark to only show those frames that have the "diameter.resp_time" field.)

(Of course you could also pull some more details of each transaction with more "-e" arguments, like -e diameter.Session-Id -e diameter.endtoendid.)

answered 28 Apr '14, 08:24

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Thank you very much! It solved my task.

(01 May '14, 21:18) Vidhi