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Push a new dissector to Wireshark


My company, Control Techniques, has developed a dissector for the eCMP protocol that we use for factory communications. This dissector was developed by several employees, including myself.

I used the GitExtensions application to clone the revision 1.11.4 source code, added our packet-ecmp.c source file, and modified Makefile.common and CmakeLists.txt to add the name of our dissector source file. These changes built without error and the ecmp dissector works properly.

Is there any way to "push" these three files to Wireshark for inclusion in the built-in dissectors using the Git GUI or Git Extensions applications?

So far, I've had no luck with the current documentation which mostly shows examples using command line operations within a Git Bash shell.

Cheers, Jim Lynch Control Techniques

asked 04 May '14, 16:49

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I don't know much about how the Wireshark devs work after moving to Git, but as far as I know they're using Gerrit, which as far as I can tell works a bit different than standard Git requests.

Maybe you should subscribe to the developer mailing list directly and ask over there, if none of the devs sees and answers this question here:

answered 04 May '14, 20:31

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Also note that for a new dissector, you should ideally create an entry in the Wireshark Bugzilla and attach at least one capture file to it. The captures added to Bugzilla are harvested for automated testing. Ensure you reference the Bugzilla entry correctly in the commit message with the "Bug: xxx" keyword.

(06 May '14, 02:16) grahamb ♦


As per Anders's comment, the submission process is described in the "Submitting Patches" page on the Wireshark Wiki.

answered 06 May '14, 16:33

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