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how can i make a nested protocol tree in dissector


I want to make a multiple and nested subtrees in my protocol dissector tree. I am not able to add another tree in my protocol subtree.

I tried to add a new item in the subtree of the protocol by proto_tree_add_item()and proto_item_add_subtree(). But it doesn't worked.

asked 14 May '14, 00:22

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Balpreet Singh
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One Answer:


Are you following the instructions in README.dissector, section 1.5.2 "Adding Items and Values to the Protocol Tree"?

Have you got an "ett" variable for your subtree and registered it with proto_register_subtree_array()?

Can you show the relevant portions of your code, e.g. ett_xxx declaration and registration, and the code around proto_item_add_subtree() ?

answered 14 May '14, 05:16

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