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Cannot see traffic between tablet and speakers


Hi - I'm trying to figure what HTTP commands are being sent to my IP speakers. I've got most of what I want using firefox inspector on my laptop and the 'airstudio' site on(?) my speakers. For instance the command for speakers to pickup auxillary jack is GET, The command I cant capture is volume up/down. I cant send volume up/down from my laptop as the UI only has a slider control and only captures an absolute value (that looks like this GET,$VAL$64). What I want is the command that gets sent when using phone/tablet volume control as these both have physical volume buttons that the speakers respond to. The speakers are on and the tablet on which i've confirmed on router page. So I fired up Wireshark and pointed it at SpezzaNet wifi. Then I added this filter; "ip.src== AND ip.dst==". Then Wireshark goes all quiet. Clearly I've got something wrong but not sure what. Help appreciated! :-/

asked 03 Jun '14, 12:44

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what is your

  • OS and OS version?
  • Wireshark version?
  • wlan/wifi interface on the capturing system?
  • did you enable monitor mode on the wlan interface?
(03 Jun '14, 14:26) Kurt Knochner ♦

Hi Kurt

OS: Windows 7 HOme Premium SP1 WS: Version 1.10.5 (SVN Rev 54262 from /trunk-1.10) Wifi: 802.11b/g/n Enabled: Not sure - dont seem to have an option on Router or am I looking in wrong place? Would that be relevant when sniffing wifi?

Also - I can see loads of other traffic. I have to admit though an awful lot of it is on .71 which is my laptop where I'm running WS.

(04 Jun '14, 11:04) spezzer

2 Answers:


OS: Windows 7 HOme Premium

O.K. you cannot use Wireshark to capture wifi/wlan traffic on Windows in monitor mode (meaning: capture traffic of other wlan/wifi clients), as WinPcap (the capturing subsystem) does not support monitor mode on Windows.

Your options are:

  • buy an Airpcap adapter (please google it)
  • use a different (commercial) sniffer on Windows that supports monitor mode (please google it)
  • do the wlan/wifi capturing on Linux, e.g. Kali Linux (please google it)


answered 05 Jun '14, 12:52

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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edited 05 Jun '14, 12:52

Hi - Airpcap is a pricey piece of kit - so does a commercial sniffer by the sound of it. I've got a spare drive in a desktop I can use for a Linux boot - are you saying that there is a version of WS that will run on Linux and give me the results I'm looking for?

(07 Jun '14, 03:09) spezzer

As I said: Kali Linux. You can boot it from a cdrom or flash drive.

(07 Jun '14, 13:55) Kurt Knochner ♦


Other options are: - Enable routing on the capture system and use ARP spoofing. - Wire the capture system into the path (requires two interfaces) and configure it as a bridge.

answered 06 Jun '14, 00:39

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thanks TimB but sounds a little beyond my capabilities!

(07 Jun '14, 03:10) spezzer