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Capture Filter from single dst to multiple interfaces/ips and multiple types of traffic



I am trying to create a capture filter....

  • I have a Source Host, IP-A
  • I have two Destination Host's, IP-B and IP-C
  • IP-B and IP-C are on two different NIC interfaces locally

I want to capture:

  1. All UDP to IP-B from IP-A
  2. All TCP on port 5061 to IP-C from IP-A

Any help would be fantastic! Thanks all..

asked 05 Jun '14, 07:34

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One Answer:



(udp and src B and dst A) or (tcp and src port 5061 and src C and dst A)

answered 05 Jun '14, 07:44

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grahamb ♦
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Thank you grahamb!

I made a slight modify to your rule: (udp and src A and dst B) or (tcp port 5061 and src A and dst C)

(05 Jun '14, 07:55) cwinchell

Ok, my brain interpreted your clear statements the other way around for some odd reason, e.g from B to A.

(05 Jun '14, 07:57) grahamb ♦