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Time stamp in wireshark


Hi all, i have a captured file and i want to know the time when a particular packet is captured with respect to the first packet i.e. first packet is captured at 0 seconds. i am using the filter "frame.time_delta" which is giving me the time difference between two adjacent packets, but i need the absolute time. any help please!!!!

asked 08 Jun '14, 10:35

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Javeeria Jalil
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One Answer:


Right click the first packet and select "Set Time reference (toggle)", this will set that packet as the time reference, and wireshark will prompt you to select a suitable time format to use that, if not from the menu View | Time Display Format select "Seconds Since Beginning of Capture", and all packet times will now be relative to the previous marked packet.

answered 08 Jun '14, 10:57

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grahamb ♦
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thanks a lot Sir, so nice of u...... actually i was mixing up few things.... ur reply helped me a lot, thanks once again

(08 Jun '14, 12:01) Javeeria Jalil

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