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Export header information - convert to csv



I am currently trying to capture packets and then export the information about each packet as a .csv. Right now, the .csv only has the date, source, destination, protocol, etc. information. I would also like to export information about the header - hardware source/destination addresss, network address, etc. How do I do that?

asked 11 Jun '14, 09:14

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Add the columns you need in the preferences. The export as CSV uses the columns that Wireshark displays. If there is no preset for a column you need you can add it nonetheless by using a custom colum, which can display almost anything that there are display filters for. Easiest way to add custom columns is by finding a value you want as a column and right click to use "Apply as Column".

answered 11 Jun '14, 09:27

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Thank you so much for the quick reply! It worked ;)

(11 Jun '14, 09:36) yuanjiang


The "Export Packet Dissections As CSV" option only outputs the columns you have on display. Add the appropriate columns to the display and your export will include them.

answered 11 Jun '14, 09:35

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too slow, again!

(11 Jun '14, 09:35) grahamb ♦

Thank you so much!

(11 Jun '14, 09:36) yuanjiang