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Why wireshark cannot display TLS/SSL


Hi, everyone:

Today I have written a simple JAVA program to test communication between SSL client and server.

I run my client and server, and try to use Wireshark to capture the packets. But I could only see "TCP" instead of TLS/SSL in "protocol": alt text

And I just send a string (10 bytes) from client to server. I think the first packets are handshake packets. But why it doesn't show as "TLS/SSL"?

Any one could help me?

Thank you very much!

asked 23 Jun '14, 06:31

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One Answer:


But why it doesn't show as "TLS/SSL"?

Because it's not on the standard port for SSL/TLS. You can add your port (12120):

Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols -> HTTP -> SSL/TLS Ports

Change it to: 443,12120


answered 23 Jun '14, 07:09

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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wow, now I could see TLSv1 in the "protocol".

Thank you very much!

(23 Jun '14, 07:12) lzq8272587