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Cumulative Bytes



I want to apply a filter so i can search for packets with certain cumulative bytes. I know how to add a column with this information (preference-> columns) but I don't know what is the command for the filter. For example I want to know all the packets that have more than x cumulative bytes. A filter that I can use like a frame.time_relative filter.

The point is that this must be a filter, not a graphic method, because later on I will need to implement this in a perl script (so i will have to use tshark) and extract those informations to a file (i.e. -e frame.time_relative or -e rtp.seq).

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asked 10 Jul '14, 04:38

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can you please define 'more than x cumulative bytes' in an example?

(10 Jul '14, 04:40) Kurt Knochner ♦

For example I can use a frame.time_relative > 10. In a similar way I want to use a filter to know from which packet the cumulative number of bytes is higher than x. Moreover later i will need to extract the entire column with cumulative bytes information so the name of the filter is essential for me.

(10 Jul '14, 04:49) anhtuan

As I said: can you please define 'more than x cumulative bytes' in an example?

(10 Jul '14, 04:50) Kurt Knochner ♦

"rtp.ssrc = 0x176EF98C and CUMULATIVE_BYTES > 30000". This is an example.

(10 Jul '14, 04:54) anhtuan

O.K. let me rephrase it: What exactly are cumulative bytes for you?

(10 Jul '14, 04:56) Kurt Knochner ♦

if you will go to wireshark -> edit -> preferences -> columns than there is a column with a field type "cumulative bytes". It's a number of bytes that have been "transmited" up till that packet.

(10 Jul '14, 05:02) anhtuan
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