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port mirroring…from miniGBIC to ethernet port.



I am trying to port mirror on a cisco switch sg200-26 which has got 26 Ethernet port and 2 mini GBIC for fiber optics connectivity. I want to mirror one miniGBIC port to one of Ethernet port but its not we need seprate TAP or any equipment to do this mirroring.

kindly help.



asked 28 Jul '14, 03:58

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I think this is something either someone having the same equipment can answer, or the vendor support. So you might just ask Cisco how this works; I have the SG200-8 which does not have the mini GBIC ports, and it mirrors everything just fine. But since it is not the same switch I don't know how yours works. Better ask Cisco if the device supports mirroring the miniGBIC ports (which I expect it would).

answered 28 Jul '14, 08:00

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