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Decrypt out of order SSL trace



Can anyone hint me in the right direction to be able to decrypt SSL traffic that's captured out of order using Wireshark? I have the private key, so that's not an issue. But some really weird things are going on between client & server I think. Also, all hints are welcome for things to try by the client which can lead to decryptable traffic. Or if someone recognizes the behaviour and can hint what is going wrong here, that's also welcome!

Thanks in advance!

I think this traffic went ok in the client's browser, but I'm unable to decrypt it - I assume this is because the segments are out of order: alt text

Before this happened, I presume there were some attempts to setup an https connection which failed: alt text

asked 28 Jul '14, 09:42

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Any solution to this?

(19 Oct '15, 06:18) theo66