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Not able to configure Wireshark with gnutls!


I'm using this command with make and sudo make install

./configure --with-gnutls

while installing wireshark version 1.12.0 from source in Linux but I'm still getting wireshark with no SSL preferences that are related to the decryption.

Any idea why it is not working and how to fix this?


asked 19 Aug '14, 18:15

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2 Answers:


What does the ./configure summary output say? Unfortunately "--with-gnutls" does not generate an error if ./configure can't find gnutls so it might still say this:

Use gnutls library : no

in which case Wireshark won't actually be built with the gnutls library.

(The fact that you can explicitly requested gnutls but silently not get it is a bug.)

answered 20 Aug '14, 07:12

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JeffMorriss ♦
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I submitted a change which will cause ./configure to error out if --with-gnutls is specified but the library is not found.

(20 Aug '14, 08:18) JeffMorriss ♦

Oh, and of course if it does use Use gnutls library : no there should be some interesting info somewhere in the ./configure output which will explain why gnutls was not detected; chances are it's because you don't have the gnutls development stuff installed or it could be because you have a version of gnutls whose license is incompatible with Wireshark's.

(20 Aug '14, 11:44) JeffMorriss ♦

Thank you this was helpful.When I searched the output I found that:

checking for LIBGNUTLS... no GnuTLS >= 3.1.10 not found checking for LIBGNUTLS... no GnuTLS >= 1.2.0, < 3.0 not found GnuTLS with compatible license not found, disabling SSL decryption checking for libgcrypt-config... no checking for LIBGCRYPT - version >= 1.1.92... no

I've installed the dev version of the gnutls and this solves the problem.

(25 Aug '14, 16:18) flora


You probaly want --with-ssl

answered 20 Aug '14, 03:56

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Anders ♦
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Thanks for your suggestion but using this configured wireshark with the ssl but not with gnutls.

(25 Aug '14, 16:19) flora