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Why is the file damaged?


I downloaded this and it says the file is damaged and won't run.

asked 04 Sep '14, 21:53

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I got my computer certificate in 1986 on Apple IIe and IIc; as well as IBM. So Windows 8.1 Pro is more than I can understand from ignorance. Maybe the connection to the WiFi here is not so good & it corrupted or damaged the file, I don't know. I just want youtube videos to buffer faster & will download anything I think might help. I use Moxilla Firefox as a browser. I don't know what this program does, but someone on youtube said to come here as it would give me a better WiFi connection or learn how to connect to any WiFi or something like that. Forgive me for not knowing more. Ask me about medications, and I can tell you that being a nurse of 30 years. lol Thanks for help, if anyone gives me any. I shall try to download this again & see what happens. ;)

(05 Sep '14, 00:02) heartunes

One Answer:


Unfortunately Wireshark is unlikely to help you, as it is a tool for detailed examination of network traffic and requires technical knowledge to interpret the display. By itself, Wireshark won't fix anything. Think of it as a Cat scan machine in your field.

answered 05 Sep '14, 01:15

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