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Endpoints map


In my Statistics | Endpoints | IP tab, I have two columns for my geoip info. One set is filled in and one is not. When I click the map button, I get the circles for where my traffic is based but the pop-ups are not filled in. The geoip works perfect in my decode where I need it the most so this is only an annoyance, but it bugs me when I demo in class.

asked 16 Sep '14, 11:07

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Right, I have two AS number columns (Wireshark 1.12.1), which seems kind odd. But the dots in the map do show ballon popups when clicked - whenever I had trouble with the GeoIP map in my browser it was because I blocked some scripts (NoScript) or ads. Turning the blockers off usually did the trick.

What Wireshark Version do you use, and which browser on what OS? Maybe someone with the same settings can verify...

P.S: good to have you here, Betty! ;-)

answered 16 Sep '14, 15:54

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My Wireshark version is 1.10.9, and it happens in chrome, IE and firefox. The balloons show up when I click on the dots, they are just not populated with data. Very annoying considering my endpoints IPv4 tab is populated with city, country, latitude and longitude - everything it needs.

I've been a user here since the beginning. I've just never felt smart enough to answer a question :)

(17 Sep '14, 05:03) bettyland

I'm using Wireshark 1.10.9 with Chrome. When I click the dots, the balloon shows the IP address, number of packets, and number of bytes. AS, Country, and City are blank.

(17 Sep '14, 08:46) Jim Aragon