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Wifi sniffing problem


I am connected to wifi router with Wpa2-personal security. I use Linux Mint platform,than put my NIC in monitor mode with aircrack-ng and decrypt wifi connection in wireshark. Everything fine.

The problem is, that I can see just my traffic via wifi when I capture on mon0 interface. While I was capturing I reconnect my phone connection. The only thing I could see were DHCP broadcast packets.

So why I cannot see traffic between router and other PCs or phones ?

regards, m.

asked 26 Sep '14, 06:01

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Are you also connected to a wireless network with the client you're running the sniffer? Because that won't work together with monitor mode of course.

Other check: Are you listening on the correct channel and are you NOT using 802.11n connections for testing if the problem also appears when your AP is in a/b/g mode

(28 Sep '14, 23:58) Landi

Thanks for answering me. Yes, I was connected to network. But now I tried without connection and captured on mon0 interface . There were just 802.11 broadcast frames and some LLC packets ...

Sorry if this is silly, but how do you check for 802.11n connection and correct channel ?

(29 Sep '14, 00:52) mojito

You should always capture with a third device which is not associated to any wireless network.

Check your AP to see if you can force the wifi to e.g. 802.11b/g testwise - 802.11n uses multiple antennas/channels, so if you're having issues it's always good to check against a single channel network (a/b/g) first to see if that might be an issue.

(29 Sep '14, 02:02) Landi