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Copy Profiles between linux and windows


I have a set of profiles on my Windows Box. I want them copied to Linux. I can copy them between windows boxes and all is good. I put them in my Linux folder and the profiles appear in the menu. But as soon as I try to switch to one of tem, I just get a grey window and after 60 seconds or so wireshark crashes..Any Ideas?

This should be possible..

asked 12 Oct '14, 10:11

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already cleared all the c: and d: paths and updated the capture devices.. naja. manual copy time..

(12 Oct '14, 10:39) DarrenWright

If you get a core dump on Linux, please install a debugger, get a stack trace, and report a bug on the Wireshark Bugzilla. Wireshark is not supposed to crash (other than "running out of memory", and it'd be nice if we could handle that better), so a crash due to a profile copied from another machine is a bug and needs to be fixed.

(12 Oct '14, 14:35) Guy Harris ♦♦

Core Dump.. naja not sure about that, it just disappears and I have to restart it. I will run it through tomorrow and see if I can get a trace. Unfortunately I am not exactly the Linux expert so it may not go stunningly well :D

(16 Oct '14, 12:14) DarrenWright

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You need to convert all the files in the profiles folder using dos2unix Regards Matthias

answered 12 Oct '14, 14:28

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