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tshark: Using filter expression as field ?



I would like to distinguish frames from the tshark output, see this failed attemp :

tshark -r mydump-20141015-185000.dump  -Y "frame contains a or frame contains b" -T fields -e frame.time -e "frame contains a" -e "frame contains b"

I would like next output:

time1 0 1 # not comtains a and contains b
time2 1 1 # contains a and contains b
time3 1 0 # contains a and not contains b

Thank you very much ! Does tshark have such capabilitie ?

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asked 15 Oct '14, 11:53

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One Answer:


No, -e currently supports only fields, not arbitrary filter expressions. File an enhancement request at the Wireshark bugzilla if you'd like to see a capability such as this added.

answered 15 Oct '14, 17:27

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