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Where is time display format in the Qt version of Wireshark?


On Windows and Linux, the view menu is extensive and you can choose from different time display formats.

(as described in the manual,

How do I do this on Wireshark for OS X? I have version 1.99.1-248-ga2508bd and my view menu looks like this:

asked 21 Oct '14, 03:58

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One Answer:


The QT version is still a work in progress and so may not have all the functionality of the older versions yet.

Edit: Any of the automated builds 1.99.1-271 or later should now have a the View | Time Display Format options enabled thanks to @Gerald Combs.

answered 21 Oct '14, 04:15

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See also this question. If you don't mind running X you could simply switch back to the Gtk-based GUI.

(21 Oct '14, 05:25) JeffMorriss ♦