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identify spyware routes


I am a newbie to this networking, forced under dirress by a nosy ex wife trying to retrieve my information via email and cloud storage. My work and home laptops are not networked for any use that I have for them except sharing a printer at work with 4 other computers via ethernet. However, I have several different signs of networking programs/applications active, workgroups set up that I can not change settings all of the sudden, 87,000 instances on my built in camera I have never used, etc. She has very computer savy friends and I dont, but I have Wireshark, LOL. How can I find info showing my data going into the wrong hands with this program please. Is there a service that evaluates the data streams for a fee. I have captured several days and need to get this figured out before we start getting into court proceedings to protect my self, and I guess apprehend her little mole in my office that I feel is backdoor networking me when I plug my ethernet cord into my laptop at work. Thanks

asked 20 Nov '14, 21:33

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