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OpenFlow v1.0 " Message not dissected “



I have installed Wireshark 1.12.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.I have captured openflow v1.0 packets on wireshark.I am getting " Message not Dissected " when i open the error packet. Can someone please help me in extracting the contents of the packet ? or is there any plugin available to do the same?

Thanks Ajay

asked 23 Nov '14, 23:23

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Wiresharks OpenFlow v 1.0 dissector is not complete as you have discovered v 1.4 and v 1.5 have better support I think. There is but I have no idea how well that works. You'd probably be better off working with a more recent version of OpenFlow...

answered 24 Nov '14, 06:45

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Thank you very much Anders..

(30 Nov '14, 19:12) ajayvb87