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Ethernet Frame check sequence incorrect


Hello everyone.

A few weeks ago we bought a HP V1910-24G switch - and now we tried to centralize all priority connections on it.

The problem is, since this last change remote desktop are very slow and gets discconected like if a loop were causing delays.

Switch is manageable and has RSTP enabled, we check for possible double wire on the rest of the fast-eth but everything seems to be ok Layer1.

Can this bad frame be caused by loops? I see all bits of FCS are 1, all flags are like if the frame were corrupt, and the spanning tree proto is acusing something that I don't understand.

alt text

Switches A, B, C, D are not manageable. Just for extension. And mikrotik has RSTP enabled working as a bridge.

Can someone please help me analize this?

Link with wireshark fragment:

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asked 25 Nov '14, 07:46

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