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Wireshark to monitor applications such as Skype


I was wondering if wireshark could help me monitor and analyze traffic on to my Skype ID.It looks rather silly but it has created a lot of nuisance coz someone had compromised my account few times and the skype customer center did not give me a convincing solution.

asked 27 Nov '14, 10:21

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One Answer:


Skype traffic is (heavily) encrypted, so you can obviously monitor Skype traffic, but you won't be able to decrypt and read the communication. Sorry.


answered 27 Nov '14, 16:13

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Thanks for answering the question Kurt , But i still feel if i could find a solution to check whenever specifically login to my Skype ID coz i do understand we cannot monitor Skype network traffic as a whole.

(27 Nov '14, 16:43) comrade