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Wireshark run under ubuntu some errors


Hi, i am using Xubuntu 12.04 version. I run into a problem and i do not find any solution. First problem is using wireshark in user mode (non root user in linux) Statistics > Flow Graph section does not work properly and using this section cause wireshark close. (But it is working properly on windows.) Second problem is Statistics > TCP StreamGraph section is not usable (looking grey) how can i resolve this issue ? Thanks.

asked 16 Dec '14, 10:31

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What is the Wireshark version you're using on Xubuntu and the version you used in Windows?

(16 Dec '14, 10:49) grahamb ♦

on windows wireshark v1.12.0 and on linux wireshark v1.10.6

(16 Dec '14, 11:02) sinack2117K