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Cannot access online tools


I'm new to this site.

I would like to access the IPv4 and IPv6 Connectivity Test listed on the online tools page. However I receive a "Sorry, we only support http at this time (you're using https)." error when accessing that tool page. Every page on defaults to https and I cannot get to an http version of the page in any browser.

How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

asked 25 Dec '14, 14:07

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One Answer:


Aparently you are talking about this page:

You are right, it does not work anymore, as it redirects HTTP to HTTPS and then it shows the error message

Sorry, we only support http at this time (you're using https).

Please file a bug report at to report this. While you report the bug, you will be asked to choose the product. Please choose "Web sites"


answered 27 Dec '14, 08:10

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