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time difference between local PC and wireshark time


hey, i have a problem with my Wireshark time display. on my local PC i can see the correct date and time. unfortunately, the wireshark is showing me the time clock above 10 hours after the local PC time and i don't know why.

can you please help?

asked 08 Jan '15, 05:46

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Liran Pekel
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So you're saying when you capture, the time in the packets is 10 hours after the time it should be? Or are you opening a capture taken with a different PC?

(08 Jan '15, 05:49) Jasper ♦♦

for example, lets say i am capturing a pcap file when my local PC is showing now 16:01 on January 8th. but, when i open my Wireshark on the same PC, i see 02:10 on January 9th.

(08 Jan '15, 06:06) Liran Pekel

What are you capturing the pcap with? Sounds like you're not using Wireshark? Could you try capturing with Wireshark itself?

(08 Jan '15, 06:18) Jasper ♦♦

when running wireshark on real time it is showing me the same incorrect time. i am using tshark, but as far as i know its a part of wireshark and please correct me if i'm wrong.

(08 Jan '15, 06:41) Liran Pekel

What is your

  • OS and OS version
  • Wireshark version
  • Timezone
  • local language setting
(08 Jan '15, 07:12) Kurt Knochner ♦

windows server 2008 standard SP2 my Timezone is GMT+2 what do you mean by local language setting? can you explain what to check?

(08 Jan '15, 07:48) Liran Pekel

what do you mean by local language setting?

sorry, I meant regional settings!

What ist your Wireshark version?

(08 Jan '15, 08:59) Kurt Knochner ♦

And have you seen this part in the Users Guide?

(09 Jan '15, 02:21) Jaap ♦

It's also worth considering where the trace file was created. So, for example, if the trace was captured on a machine in San Francisco and then displayed on a machine in Bucharest, the trace will have timestamps 10 hours later than those if displayed on the machine in San Francisco.

(18 Jan '15, 23:32) PaulOfford
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