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Wireshark make install doesnt register with OS


I've succefully build wireshark on Mint 17.1 Cinnamon. I am able to run it from /usr/local/bin. Iam also able to run it from a terminal window but I am unable to find the launcher in the start menu.

How can i solve this? Registering the install properly with the OS?

asked 22 Jan '15, 07:11

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One Answer:


Did you build the deb package as well and installed that? The install target just installs a local copy of Wireshark (hence /usr/local/bin), while the installation of the full package takes care of the steps to properly integrate the application with the rest of the desktop environment. There's also the install-desktop-files target at least tries to copy the desktop files to the right place, but YMMV.

answered 23 Jan '15, 04:14

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