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Custom Extension vs. Permanent Addition for Installers


I recently just got a custom plugin working on my Windows build of Wireshark by adding it as a custom extension. However, I now want to be able to give the installer to other people so they can use this version of Wireshark. Is this possible with a custom extension, or does it have to be a permanent addition?

In the README.plugins file, it says "The custom extension is easy to configure, but won't be used for inclusion in the distribution." This makes me think I can't use it for giving it to others. But, in the 3.1 section it talks about how to "add the plugin to your own Windows installer". What does it mean, "your own" installer? Can I not send this installer to other people?

Is there any way for me to give this version of Wireshark to other people without going in and making it a permanent addition?

asked 23 Jan '15, 10:30

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It's quite easy to add your plugin dissector to the Windows installer, actually. Simply edit the wireshark/packaging/nsis/Custom_plugins.txt (or add your plugin to wireshark/packaging/nsis/wireshark.nsi anywhere it mentions gryphon).

Then, when you run nmake -f Makefile.nmake packaging, your plugin will be included in the installer that gets created.

answered 23 Jan '15, 10:58

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I already did add 'File "....\plugins\foo\foo.dll"' to my custom-plugins.txt, like it said in the instructions (with foo replaced with my plugin name, obviously). It still doesn't seem to be added into the installer when I create it. I also added the same .dll file's path to the CUSTOM_PLUGINS part of my packaging/nsis/Custom.nmake, like it says in the instructions. Should that not work?

(23 Jan '15, 11:29) mehubb985

I believe that should work. However, as I noted in my answer, you can also edit the wireshark.nsi file and add in your plugin there without having to worry about the custom* files. I know for certain that doing this will include your plugin in the installer.

(23 Jan '15, 11:34) multipleinte...