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Capture filter with SSL hex output from tshark


I'm using the answer from this question to hex data from SSL traffic, how do I add a capture filter along with this so that I get hex dump of only that hosts' application data. I tried using 'host' but said that its a capture filter . I need to basically filter for this host and need to get decrypted hex dump of application data alone. Can tshark do that?

asked 23 Jan '15, 13:34

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One Answer:


Assuming you're using a command line similar to that of the answer to which you attached your question, i.e.

tshark -Vnxr pcap -R (filter) > textfile

Then the -R (filter) part of the answer is for a display filter. For a capture filter use -f (filter), as explained in the tshark help file or the output of tshark -h:

Capture interface:                                                           
  -i <interface>      name or idx of interface (def: first non-loopback)
  -f <capture filter>      packet filter in libpcap filter syntax            

answered 23 Jan '15, 14:07

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