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Decrypt All traffic from all clients


Ok I can decrypt a specified client connected to wifi by deauthing it and getting the handshake using Wireshark. After Wireshark captures the EAPOL messages it starts to decrypt the traffic.

But I want to decrypt the traffic from ALL clients connected to the AP. I deauthenticate them and get all handshakes but not all their traffic gets decrypted. I don't know which one is decrypted but I'm sure not ALL of them.

Any suggestions?

asked 05 Feb '15, 00:03

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but I'm sure not ALL of them.

how do you derive that conclusion?

(10 Feb '15, 03:05) Kurt Knochner ♦

Simply because the data from/to some clients are missing. In fact I can't find them by searching.

(16 Feb '15, 23:43) srsh