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Retransmission Troubleshooting


We are getting these resets intermittently. Is this caused by network congestion? The capture filter was set for the .32 address and was captured on .52. We are trying to find the cause. Could one of the two servers be overloaded?

asked 10 Feb '15, 05:17

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This capture is taken on windows system(17.52) and there are lot of packet drops and i can see only retransmitted packets and not the actual packet from 10.32(linux server,can also verify this by looking at gap in means drop could be at network or .32 server itself.Destination is one hop away from source(look at TTL Value).So to truly find out wheather its network or server, you need to capture at both client and server at same time.

(13 Feb '15, 21:58) kishan pandey