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Ethernet Adapter not showing source capture


When I use my Ethernet adapter to run a capture I get no source info from my Ethernet adapter. I receive capture information when my Ethernet adapter is the destination and when a broadcast comes to my adapter as the source. I'm using Windows 7 64bit.

asked 26 Feb '15, 08:43

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Jaap ♦

"No Source info" does that mean no transmitted frames, only received frames?

Also please state Wireshark version.

(26 Feb '15, 08:59) Jaap ♦

Yes, I'm not seeing my adapter as the source, but I see my adapter as the destination. Wireshark 1.12.3

(26 Feb '15, 09:29) hurleykyle

One Answer:


Have a look at similar questions tagged "outbound" e.g. here. The culprit is usually VPN or Endpoint protection software.

answered 26 Feb '15, 08:56

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After installing sonic wall client on my PC the DNE Lightweight Filter feature had been added to my NIC. I unchecked this feature and now I can see my NIC as a source in my traces. Thanks...

(27 Feb '15, 06:01) hurleykyle

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(27 Feb '15, 06:20) grahamb ♦