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GLib-CRITICAL segmentation fault with wireshark


After I made some changes to my plugin-dissector code (I added somme Libgcrypt related code), I get a segmentation fault. I got it even before Wireshark executes any of the libgcrypt code that I added. The error says: (lt-wireshark:4944): GLib-CRITICAL : g_hash_table_lookup: assertion `hash_table != NULL' failed Segmentation fault (core dumped)**

I'd like to know What went wrong? or How can I figure out what went wrong in this case? or what could such error mean?

Thanks. Flora

asked 26 Feb '15, 19:50

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One Answer:


This error means that you are trying to do a lookup on a NULL hash table pointer (so the hash table has not been initialized before the lookup). Ensure to create the hash table before.

answered 26 Feb '15, 23:23

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Pascal Quantin
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