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display only portion of data field as column



my company is using custom data packets to send info to access points and other devices. i was wondering is there a way to have only a specific position in the data field byte array that can be displayed as a column (like data[52]), in the table.

alternatively can you create a custom column with labels that would display a string if data[52]==3 and another string in case another data[52]==4 , similar to the coloring rules, only with labels (as it is hard to remember which colors belong to each message)

asked 03 Mar '15, 03:40

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One Answer:


See my answer to a similar questions.

To sum it up: Wireshark does not offer that functionality by default. You can however write a Post-Dissector (e.g. in Lua) and add your own fields to the frame, which can then be used to show data in a column.

See also here:


answered 03 Mar '15, 10:08

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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actually the using color rules and then 'apply as column' on the color is pretty close to what i want, i understand that from 1.9.0 it's considered buggy?

(08 Mar '15, 08:14) emaayan

I think the Lua postdissector code would get you much closer to the desired result than anything of Wiresharks built in functionality.

(09 Mar '15, 13:44) Kurt Knochner ♦