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arabic text


Hello friends, I have configured capture on ASA firewall and i can see everything when downloaded to wireshark application. i tested MSN conversation and POP protocol traffic with arabic text but i didn't see the arabic text when viewing it in wireshark. Does the problem with ASA itself when capturing the traffic or from the wireshark itself? and how can i see the sniffed arabic text?

Thanks in advance

asked 10 May '11, 23:13

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The problem is with Wireshark itself. It's really only equipped to handle ASCII, and some occasional unicode.

Depending on the protocol it may be possible to save the payload and use an external application to show the contents properly.

answered 10 May '11, 23:49

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Jaap ♦
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thanks for your reply. Protocols: MSNMS & POP which application shall i use and how? Thanks in advance

(11 May '11, 00:24) Abood