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WLAN fields with tshark


Hi, I have done some command-line capturing of WLAN packets with dumpcap. Would like to use a display filter in tshark to extract some info in a table. Have found out how to get the MAC addresses for example, but I'm looking for a full list of header fields to be able to get other things out as well.

The only thing I have come across this far is this documentation of display filter (for Wireshark, not tshark):

Though, these filters don't work well whey I try them out in tshark. And what I get to work is not listed on these pages.

So I suspect that the filters in tshark look different than in Wireshark. Is this correct? And is there a complete list of tshark WLAN filters to find somewhere?



asked 05 Mar '15, 20:43

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the fields are the same. What exactly is not working with tshark and what is your tshark version (-v)?

(06 Mar '15, 02:19) Kurt Knochner ♦

One Answer:


To get a complete list of fields (for all protocols, so it's very big), use:

tshark -G fields > fields.txt

answered 06 Mar '15, 02:22

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